Une Hégémonie d’Extrême Droite

Mon article pour le numéro 45 de la revue Lignes (Octobre 2014) consacré aux “nouvelles droites extrêmes”: Une hégémonie d’extrême-droite.


One thought on “Une Hégémonie d’Extrême Droite

  1. Whether it’s a nation-to-be-purified or an individual-to-be-immunized, racism is also part of a generalized anthropological apparatus designed to provide a globally-variable, yet universally-applicable, “key” for decoding relative superiority and inferiority in any social situation. Hence, there is an intrinsic, asymmetrical component that means the phenomenon of racism in France looks different depending upon which point of view you access it from. In fact, it is BOTH a collective purification and an atomistic defense. The key lies in the fact that entire public discussion of identity concerns the status of victimization. “Je suis Charlie” means “I am a victim”, but this “Charlie” is exactly the one who allows an identificatory phantasy that oscillates freely between the individual (a proper name) and the collective.

    I think that we should never exonerate the extreme right in France from implication in the discourse of collective purification. In fact, by being the daughter of Jean-Marie, Marine always already has a performative element that naturalizes collective social relations through the image of the family. Is it no surprise that family relations are being widely reaffirmed in many countries as the basis for social reproduction of political elites AND working class racism? The substitution of identity for nation is in fact the very first way in which immigrants enter France. As soon as a foreigner enters France, he or she becomes an ‘identity’ rather than a national subject. The assumption of this protocol by the French extreme right mirrors the experience of the migrant. One might say that in the end, it is truly a classic case of ressentiment, in which the extreme right fantasizes itself as the migrant/victim, but of course romanticizes the notion and refuses to engage the apparatus of anthropological difference as the core of capitalist regimes of accumulation.

    Jon Solomon

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