General Ecology


General Ecology. The New Ecological Paradigm

Editor: Erich Hörl. Associate editor: James Edward Burton.

May 2017.

Texts written by Erich Hörl, Luciana Parisi, Frédéric Neyrat, Bernard Stiegler, Didier Debaise, Jussi Parikka, Bruce Clarke, Cary Wolfe, David Wills, James Burton, Elena Esposito, Timothy Morton, Matthew Fuller, and Brian Massumi.

My article, “Elements for an ecology of separation: Beyond ecological constructivism,” begins this way:

“Everything is interconnected: such is the principle of principles of ecology. The objective of an ecology of separation is to contest this principle, not in order to refute it entirely, but to show that every relation is founded on a separation. In other words, it is concerned with causing the repressed content of ecology, and of the thinking which inspires it, to resurface. This repressed element is the following: interconnection must leave room for separation and must metabolize, symbolize, recognize it, if it is to avoid falling into the confusion resulting from the abolition of differences. For a confusion is not a relation, but its opposite—an indistinct jumble.”


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