Cosmos and technology

“Cosmos and Technology (Dasein’s Planetary Condition)” in Foundations of Science, 1-6 (2021)

Abstract: In response to Yuk Hui’s essay “For a Cosmotechnical Event,” I argue that the cosmos can only be metaphysically apprehended through a deepening of its astrophysical understanding. This understanding makes the universe—and the Earth—a contingent, historical, and an-archic formation. Dasein is therefore under planetary condition, seeking to ensure that the Earth is finally able to recognize its strangeness. The technologies capable of accompanying an Earth traversed by the abyss of the universe should be able to express a resolutely a-modern, a-human, a-national, and ex-centric technique.

PS: I thank Doron Darnov for his proofreading (the footnote mentioning Doron’s proofreading was inadvertently erased).

Pdf here:

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