My essay for Virus (English edition, there’s also a French one): — THESES ON COMMUNICATION “If you want obfuscation, you can count on me.” Samuel Beckett Thesis 1: There is no authentic communication other than the incommunicable. Explanation: Communication does not consist of transmitting a message from one point to another after a preliminary identification […]


Journal Angelaki – Journal of the Theoretical Humanities, Volume 25, 2020 – Issue 4: special issue: cosmotechnics. Issue editors: Yuk Hui and Pieter Lemmens. My contribution: The Black Angel of History – Afrofuturism’s Cosmic Techniques. Abstract: Against the usual interpretation, which states that Afrofuturism is unreservedly technophilic, I argue that Afrofuturism is a radical critique of […]

Should we speed up or stop?

“The French philosopher and author of Biopolitique des catastrophes, Frédéric Neyrat, carries out a critical analysis of the present, identifying its ‘kinetic dilemma’, a hesitation between two movements, one too fast and the other too slow, that are responsible for the ecological disaster. Discontinuation, he argues, is the sole ‘kinetic therapy’ that can respond to […]

Révolution sans arche (Walter Benjamin)

Révolution sans arche: A propos de Michael Löwy La révolution est le frein d’urgence. Essais sur Walter Benjamin (Éditions de l’éclat, 2019): Que peut nous dire Walter Benjamin sur la situation contemporaine, sur la montée simultanée des eaux et de l’éco-fascisme ? C’est à cette question que le livre de Michael Löwy, auteur indispensable pour […]

Staying Unhuman

My dear friend Boyan Manchev asked me for a text – for METHEOR, “an artistic collective working with stage, visual and textual forms, elaborating a radical poetics, described as Theatre of Desorganisation.” I gave him a little para-philosophical piece called “Staying Unhuman: On Marvel and Horror.”  


In 2011, I published an essay entitled “Intact” in which one can read: “Our planet is in fact subject to two processes that seem contradictory: 1) an epidemic-like communication of phenomena that form a kind of ontological continuity, a contagious mixture; and 2) an immunization of the Self (individual and collective) against otherness and against […]

Nous, les Planétaires

Mon texte, “Nous, les planétaires – vers la première externationale (pdf)“, paru dans la revue Lignes n°61 (février 2020), consacré à la question d’un “nouvel internationalisme”: Parmi les idées qui connaissent une forme d’extinction tout aussi brutale que celle touchant les espèces, il faut compter l’internationalisme. Comment en est-on arrivés là ? Comment le schème […]

Ghosts of Extinction

“Ghosts of Extinction: an Essay in Spectral Ecopolitics” is my essay for Oxford Literary Review, Vol 41, Issue 1, July 2019: Ext: Writing Extinction, edited by Sarah Wood.    

Futurisme Noir et fins du monde

Pour le numéro 4 (mars 2019) de la revue Terrestres, une recension: L’univers n’est pas un bruit blanc : futurisme Noir et fins du monde -À propos de M Archive: After the End of the World, d’Alexis Pauline Gumbs (Durham, Duke University Press, 2018) “Que devient l’anthropocène une fois plongé dans la « métaphysique féministe Noire […]